FAmily resources

As we are staying at home, we want to make sure your family has access to resources to help your kids continue to grow in their faith. The resources are a mix of websites, activity pages, bible stories, and more. We hope that the variety of resources will help your family find a rhythm that works for you. If you have suggestions of additional resources, or are seeking something that isn't provided, please contact Pastor Kelli.

Downloadable Activities and Coloring Pages

Bible Stories

New City Catechism

The New City Catechism is a collection of 52 questions and answers that help children and youth learn about Christianity

They have web and mobile based apps

RightNow Media Video Recommendations

(this list will grow as we are able to check out more video series)

If you have not yet signed up for a rightnow media account, contact the office for a link

  • Seeds Family Worship
  • Owlegories

Faith Formation Ministries put out a list of 35 Tech Free, Faith Forming, Fun Activities, you can find that here

small group resources


Living in the Light of Advent: Hope

Ruth 1

Open by sharing together about how the world today is different and similar to the world in the time of the judges.

~Reflect on the call to evangelism that is found in Ruth 1. Though not an Israelite, Ruth is welcomed into the covenant promises of God to Israel.

          ~How does Ruth’s experience offer a greater hope for us? How does it offer a greater challenge?

~Who might we be neglecting in our evangelism efforts today? Why might we be overlooking them?

~Just as Ruth promised to cling to Naomi, Jesus has promised to journey alongside us.

         ~Do you experience Jesus’ presence next to you in your daily life?

         ~If so, what is that experience like? Does it comfort you?

         ~If not, what might help you become aware of God with you?

~In her despair, Naomi blames God for her situation. Reflect on how this strikes you.

         ~Do you feel Naomi is wrong to do so?

         ~What might this say about her relationship with God?

         ~How do you relate to God when you are feeling hopeless or despairing?

         ~Are there any ways you would like to grow in how you relate to God in difficult seasons?

~At the end of Ruth 1, the beginning of the harvest hints at a new season and new hope.

         ~What reminders has God placed in your life that seasons turn, and that he is making all things new?