Acts Scripture Reading Guide

May 25-31: The New Testament Church is Born

Day 1: Acts 1 Q: How does a passion for prayer shape our congregation’s mission?

Day 2: Acts 2 Q: How is our church mirroring the snap shot of Acts 2:42-47 church and how is it not?

Day 3: Acts 3 Q: How does Peter’s instruction in Acts 3:19 provide the hope of renewal in my own life?

Day 4: Acts 4 Q: How should Peter’s words in Acts 4:12 shape our Gospel message in a pluralistic society?

Day 5: Acts 5 Q: How does the story tole in Acts 5:1-11 help us think about expectations in Spirit-birthed churches?

June 1-7: The New Testament Church is Prepared for Mission

Day 1: Acts 6 Q: How could our congregation identify opportunities, train leaders, and release persons for mission?

Day 2: Acts 7 Q: How can we maintain the sweet spirit of Stephen (vs. 59-60) when we’re being mistreated?

Day 3: Acts 8 Q: How does Phillip’s experience with the Ethiopian offer guidelines for our outreach to seekers?

Day 4: Acts 9 Q: What does Jesus’ call to Saul (7:58) suggest about who Jesus can use for his purposes?

Day 5: Acts 10 Q: Who is our church potentially overlooking that the Spirit may have in mind for us to love & serve?

June 8-14: The New Testament Church Moves Beyond Her Walls

Day 1: Acts 11 Q: Acts 11:10-30 describes a disciple-making faith community…how can we make better disciples?

Day 2: Acts 12 Q: The church in Acts 12:15 underestimated the power of prayer for mission…do we?

Day 3: Acts 13 Q: How does the mission-minded Antioch church help us think about empowering missions?

Day 4: Acts 14 Q: Acts 13-14 describes a persistent push for greater Gospel impact…are we persistent?

Day 5: Acts 15 Q: The council of Jerusalem extended grace within culture…how can we be more gracious?

June 15-21: The New Testament Church Goes Global

Day 1: Acts 16 Q: The church went global with the words “come help us” (vs. 9)…who is calling us to “come & help”?

Day 2: Acts 17 Q: Paul connected Gospel to culture in vss. 22-23…how can we do the same?

Day 3: Acts 18 Q: How does Jesus; words to Paul in vss. 9-10 provide us with courage for our missional work?

Day 4: Acts 19 Q: Missions moved from synagogue to lecture hall (vs. 9)…are there new locations for us as well?

Day 5: Acts 20 Q: What lessons can we learn by listening to Paul’s farewell instructions to the Ephesian leaders?

June 22-28: The New Testament Church Witnesses to Those in Power

Day 1: Acts 21 Q: Is the H.S. potentially redirecting our mission work by introducing unexpected events?

Day 2: Acts 22 Q: Paul had opportunities as a Roman citizen…what opportunities do we have by our citizenship?

Day 3: Acts 23 Q: The Romans partnered with Paul…what partnerships exist in our community for Gospel work?

Day 4: Acts 24 Q: The Gospel made Felix uncomfortable (vs. 25)…what uncomfortable message must we speak?

Day 5: Acts 25 Q: Paul’s appeal to Caesar brought the Gospel to the heart of power…how can we do the same?

June 29-July 5: The New Testament Church Persists in Challenging Times

Day 1: Acts 26 Q: Vs. 29 says it was a vision that kept Paul keeping on…what is our vision that keeps us going?

Day 2: Acts 27 Q: There seems to be no rest for the weary…how are you handling the exhausting work of mission?

Day 3: Acts 28 Q: Sometimes challenging circumstances provide Gospel opportunities…are you leveraging those?

[Day 4: Acts 29 Q: You and your church are Acts 29…how is the N.T. church story being lived out in your context?]

Final Questions:

-What did I learn about the N.T. church while reading the books of Acts?

-The N.T. church was persistent in preaching the Gospel while making disciples…how can we do the same?

-What Holy Spirit inspired thoughts came to me while reading that I should share with council?

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