Retreat Details

The Faithwalking 101 Retreat will begin Friday evening and end on Saturday evening on January 12 & 13, 2018.

We will meet, eat, and sleep at the Bethlehem Retreat Centre in Nanaimo.

Payment should be made through your home church, unless otherwise specified.

Topics include:

  • Radical obedience
    A call to align your relationship patterns with the way of Jesus so that you can live a highly effective missional life.
  • Integrity
    Integrity is defined as (1) workability and (2) keeping your word.
  • Authenticity
    Bringing all of what you know about yourself to all of what you know of God. . . and then sharing your experience authentically with a few others.
  • Impact of vows
    A vow is a decision you made in your first formation about how to be safe in relationships. Your vows are obstacles to living a highly effective missional life.
  • Giving your word
    Giving your word to growing alignment with the way of Jesus in some arena of your life that will result in an increasingly effective missional life.

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