The christian reformed church

in North America

Christ Community Church, or CCC as most of us refer to it, is part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Though our local church is made up of people from a variety of faith backgrounds, we are glad to be connected with over 1000 other CRCs in Canada and the United States. And it's all because "For God so loved the world..." 


denominational announcements

ReFrame Ministries

Kids Corner: God's Peace Gives Us Hope - Check out this week’s kids’ devotion at www.kidscorner.net. Can you feel God’s peace even when your life doesn’t look peaceful? This week’s devotion is all about how you can put your hope and trust in God, knowing that he will walk alongside no matter what is going on. Check out all the great content at kidscorner.net like the Bible story podcast “Jesus Anointed With Perfume.”

Groundwork: A Lesson in Accountability and Consequences - “Every action has a reaction.” “Cause and effect.” “Actions have consequences.” There is truth in these common phrases, but, it is easily forgotten in the moment. Join Groundwork as we study the story of the writing on the wall in Daniel 5 to learn about the relationship between accountability, consequences, and our faith. Listen now at GroundworkOnline.com and subscribe to Groundwork's weekly emails for future episodes.

World Renew

Bringing Hope for Families - When families around the globe participate in the Free A Family® program, World Renew sees the cycle of poverty upended and transformation for parents, children, and also their descendants after them. As God brings change, the blessings abound and families can thrive, journeying away from food insecurity and other vulnerabilities. Give a gift in next weekend’s offering to bring hope to families around the globe or consider becoming a monthly donor at worldrenew.ca/FreeAFamily.

Fill a vital role with World Renew DRS! - Want to escape to some warmer weather in the upcoming months? Fill a vital role with World Renew Disaster Response Services! Join an Unmet Needs Assessment in Fort Myers, Florida, from October 14 - 28, or volunteer on a reconstruction team in Boutte, Louisiana, from November 25 - December 16, and throughout the spring! Contact Diana at dmarquez@worldrenew.net to get started.

Thrive: Racial Reconciliation

Today is All Nations Heritage Sunday - We celebrate the diverse and multicultural church of Christ today. You can support ethnic minority leadership in the church by giving to the special Scholarship Fund established by the CRCNA. It provides financial assistance to students of various ethnic minority cultures who attend universities affiliated with the CRC. Please give at: crcna.org/Race/Donate