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Christ Community Church, or CCC as most of us refer to it, is part of the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Though our local church is made up of people from a variety of faith backgrounds, we are glad to be connected with over 1000 other CRCs in Canada and the United States. And it's all because "For God so loved the world..." 


denominational announcements

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CHEER UP CHAMY - Check out our children’s programs at www.kidscorner.net. In this week’s episode, “Cheer Up Chamy,” it’s time to rally the troops! Chamy needs everyone’s help. It’s up to Liz and Lucille and the gang to cheer her up after her parents’ divorce. But how exactly do you do that? Listen now at kidscorner.net and subscribe to KC’s weekly emails for future episodes. Download God’s Got You Covered, an eBook to help kids and parents talk about divorce. kidscorner.net/activities

FAMILY FIRE - FAMILY FIRE is an online community exploring Spirit-led family, marriage, parenting, in-laws, blended families, and intimacy. Find encouraging articles and devotions at familyfire.com. Subscribe for regular email updates and connect with our Family Fire community on Facebook.

GROUNDWORK: BLOOD, SACRIFICES, AND FORGIVENESS - We don’t offer sacrifices anymore. Join Groundwork in studying Leviticus 16:6-16, Leviticus 17:10-14, Hebrews 10:1-14, and Romans 3:21-26 with Groundwork to understand why the sacrificial system informs our relationship with God. Listen now at GroundworkOnline.com and subscribe to Groundwork’s weekly emails for future episodes.

from World Renew

FREE A FAMILY® WEBINAR - Celebrate Thanksgiving with World Renew a few days early by joining us for a webinar on Thursday, October 1 at 8PM EDT. This webinar will provide an introduction to the Free A Family®️ program—you will hear about the representative family in Kenya and we will speak to several Free A Family®️ supporters, including the Calgary Friendship Group that has been giving since 2003. We will also talk about what sets this unique program apart from child sponsorship. A link to the recording of the webinar will be made available on Thanksgiving weekend, for those unable to attend. Join us by registering here: https://bit.ly/wrfaf

from faith formation ministries

At-home Faith Formation Tip - The Practice of Sabbath: In Rhythms of Rest, Shelly Miller writes, “God's creation is a life-giving inhale for all of us, and Sabbath is the exhale.” Wherever you are today, find a bit of God’s creation to enjoy as you take time to “exhale.” Look at a leaf with a magnifying glass. Sit and watch birds in flight. Look at the clouds overhead. Quiet your busy mind. Then read Psalm 148 for a taste of how all creation praises God. (For more on faith practices from Faith Formation Ministries, visit crcna.org/FaithFormation/Practices.)


Abuse Awareness Sunday - September 27 - Join us today as we recognize Abuse Awareness Sunday. Thank you so much for your ongoing efforts in abuse prevention, helping our communities respect and protect the value of each person. Please support the ongoing work of Safe Church Ministry by giving generously to the offering today.