As a community, we are committed to renewal, and learning a new way of being the church, so that we can faithfully witness to the good news of Jesus Christ.

our values

For the last few years, we've been guided by three discerned values. These values aren't meant to be exhaustive, but do give you a sense of our current calling and direction. 

  • Spiritual Growth for everyone

    To our rhythm of worship we have added times for us to be all together, learning and growing intergenerationally. We have a Spiritual Growth and Discipleship Team helping youth transition from Sunday School to full-time worship; the team also thinks of ways for our whole church to engage in learning. We've focused our adult learning opportunities on providing structured discipleship groups - The Apprentice Series, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, and Faithwalking; each has been immensely fruitful!

  • relationship building

    We have a Fellowship Team that hosts occasional gatherings, usually over a meal or games, that allow us to get to now one another. We've also added moments in our worship that give us insight into one another's lives, and we serve with and for one another. We are seeing how growing in our spiritual maturity is making it easier to build relationships with people in our church and in our city, which in turn, helps us identify opportunities for prayer and service for the common good.

  • Sharing leadership in ministry

    No one does ministry alone at CCC. As we build relationships and grow in maturity, we find ourselves more deeply called into a new way of doing ministry together. We have done this by forming Ministry Teams that work with staff to carry out ministry tasks and visions. Our Council, which includes our pastors, serves as the spiritual leadership team for the entire church, and our staff works collaboratively in partnership with the Holy Spirit to bring about God's emerging future for our congregation. 

our basic beliefs

We believe in and worship the Triune God, revealed to us in Scripture as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead and reconciled us with God. We also believe that Jesus will return in the future to usher an end to the world as we know it and will renew an establish a new heaven and earth for eternity.

We believe that the Bible is the authoritative, infallible Word of God. The Holy Spirit inspired humans in the past to write it and enables us to understand it today. Though God also makes himself known in the world around us, the Bible gives us the clearest picture of who God is and his plans for the world's redemption and renewal.

We believe that this world - and our lives - are all about God! Some people call this our 'Reformed Accent.' We believe that God is sovereign and attentive over everything happening in the world, and yet, God decided to invite us into a specific kind of relationship that allows us to act freely in the world. In a covenant, each partner makes promises about what they are going to do for the other. We believe that God initiated this relationship with humanity (and with individuals) and Scripture tells us the story of what's happened within it. The Bible also describes what our part of the covenant includes and gives us a very helpful understanding of how we should live our lives. God always keeps his promises, but we have a much harder time keeping our end of the agreement; we are thankful that God helps us to live out our part and graciously forgives us when we do not. We're also thankful that our salvation doesn't depend on us fulfilling the covenant, but instead is based solely on God's grace and mercy given to us!

A covenant is signed or sealed to make it official. The covenant between God and humanity that we read of in Scripture and attempt to live in our lives, is signed and sealed through the two sacraments or activities that Jesus told us to keep doing until he comes again: the Lord's Supper and baptism.

The Lord's Supper is the sign and seal of God's promise that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross paid the price for all or our sins. At our church, we come to the table of God to participate in this sign and seal monthly, remembering, worshipping, thanking, and dedicating our lives to Jesus' ministry of reconciliation in the world by eating a piece of bread and drinking grape juice to symbolize Jesus' body and blood.

Baptism, both for infants and adults, is the sign and seal of God's promises all the way back to Abraham, the father of faith, to form God's family of faith, to make us holy, and to use us to bless the nations through the gift of new life. The water of baptism symbolizes the washing away of our sins through God's complete forgiveness. Whether done by sprinkling or through full immersion, the water is a sign and seal of God's promises in much the same way that circumcision marked God's children in the Old Testament. Because circumcision was done to children back then, and because these promises of God are for children of believing parents even if they cannot understand it at the time they receive it, we baptize infants and teach them that they are part of God's covenant family.

In our local church, we believe that men and women are equal image bearers of God, and all offices and leadership positions in the church are open to any qualified, spirit-filled, humble servants of God.