New this fall!

Dig in

We are inviting you to join a group that will dig in to the Feasting on the Word curriculum, a study that follows the lectionary Bible texts. Pastor Chelsey and Pastor Kelli will be preaching on a text on Sunday and this will be the focus of the Bible study throughout the week in each of the groups. Our hope is to have multiple groups meeting on different days and at different times so that everyone can find a group that works for them.

Leader materials and participant questions are provided. It is available to ages Kindergarten to adult.

If you are interested in participating, sign-up here!

Sunday Night Opportunities

Small Group for Medium-Aged Attenders

A small group is being started on Sunday nights. This is intended to be family friendly, inclusive of singles, mixed families, and children. We are wanting to build relationships within our church family and think a small group is the best way to engage everyone.

Format will be on a rotation of full family meal, women's study, men's study, and mixed study. A video series from Right Now Media will be used for the study. Host families will be rotated. A Sunday off will also be mixed into the rotation.


Sunday Night Drop-In

7-8:30pm at Christ Community Church

A typical evening begins with refreshments followed by the host introduction. We will watch a short 10 minute video and then discuss in small groups at tables. Each participant will have a one-page guide of questions for each session. You may drop in any week, no preparation is needed.