Sunday Night Opportunities

Small Group for Medium-Aged Attenders

A small group is being started on Sunday nights. This is intended to be family friendly, inclusive of singles, mixed families, and children. We are wanting to build relationships within our church family and think a small group is the best way to engage everyone.

Format will be on a rotation of full family meal, women's study, men's study, and mixed study. A video series from Right Now Media will be used for the study. Host families will be rotated. A Sunday off will also be mixed into the rotation.

Sunday, May 26 - Men's Group at the Shaw's.

Sunday Night Drop-In

7-8:30pm at Christ Community Church

A typical evening begins with refreshments followed by the host introduction. We will watch a short 10 minute video and then discuss in small groups at tables. Each participant will have a one-page guide of questions for each session. You may drop in any week, no preparation is needed.


reaching 50,000 with the good news

spaghetti benefit dinner

Through the Sierra Leone Christian Reformed Church and locally supported missionary Reverend Bahago, Shalom Radio broadcasts the Good News—currently reaching 15,000 people with a welcome message including useful teaching and uplifting Christian music. Widely requested by outlying communities, a new radio transmitter and antenna tower will enable this message of Shalom to reach beyond the limiting hills to 50,000 people. We need $6,000 to make this a reality. 

To help raise this money, we are hosting a Spaghetti Benefit Dinner on June 7 here at church. Doors will open at 5:30pm and dinner will be served at 6. The dinner will be by donation, and while you are here you will have the opportunity to participate in a silent auction.

Save the date - Inspire 2019

Inspire 2019 will once again bring together people form across the denomination for a time of inspiration, connection, and encouragement. Join us August 1-3 in Windsor, Ontario! Designed for ministry volunteers and leaders from across our denomination, Inspire 2019 is a chance to discover new resources, connect with people in similar types of ministry, share your stories, and learn from others. Get the details here!