Giving god more to work with

The Holy Spirit uses our Sunday morning time together to shape us. We want to give God more to work with... 

Starting this fall, this page will have weekly practices and things you can do to stay in step with the Holy Spirit based on Sunday's worship service and sermon. They will be practical, but sometimes challenging. Some will be fun, others will be outside of your comfort zone. 

Each will be designed to put you in a posture to be shaped by God.

Ordinary Time Practices

The season of Ordinary Time is actually half of the year. We spent the first six months focused on the story of Christ, and now we think about how that story shapes our story as God's people. Over the course of this season, we grow in our faithfulness, our trust, and our witness in the ordinary experiences of our life. We will add spiritual exercises to aid your growth over the course of the season.

  • Imaginative Reading of Scripture

    Isaiah 6.1-8 (the sermon passage for May 27) is a really great text to read to engage your imagination! Use the following steps for it, and other passages in the Bible:

    Read or listen to the passage. 
    •Read or listen again, and this time picture yourself in the story- as one of the characters, as an onlooker, etc. 
    • Observe, listen and note all the sensory elements of each scene. 
    • Notice your feelings. 
    • Pay close attention to God and God's actions. 
    • What insight do you gain from the text when you are part of it?