Giving god more to work with

The Holy Spirit uses our Sunday morning time together to shape us. We want to give God more to work with... 

Starting this fall, this page will have weekly practices and things you can do to stay in step with the Holy Spirit based on Sunday's worship service and sermon. They will be practical, but sometimes challenging. Some will be fun, others will be outside of your comfort zone. 

Each will be designed to put you in a posture to be shaped by God.

Advent PRactices

Waiting.... our Advent worship focus began with trying on waiting, wondering why we're waiting, and what anticipating means for the Christian faith. Spend time reflecting on your comfort level waiting, then write a prayer the reflects as honestly as possible how you are with waiting. It would also be worthwhile reflecting on your experience of anticipating something- what does that feel like? When have you experienced it? How does it relate to your reflections on waiting?

Preparing.... we continue our Advent worship focus with the invitation to do something while we wait and anticipate Christ: prepare the way! What about your life (work, service, lifestyle, and attitude) prepares the way for Christ to be received? Focus on one area of preparation-- whether personally by changing a habit, or on a larger scale by helping to level the obstacles that others face, such as poverty and hunger.