Giving god more to work with

The Holy Spirit uses our Sunday morning time together to shape us. We want to give God more to work with... 

Starting this fall, this page will have weekly practices and things you can do to stay in step with the Holy Spirit based on Sunday's worship service and sermon. They will be practical, but sometimes challenging. Some will be fun, others will be outside of your comfort zone. 

Each will be designed to put you in a posture to be shaped by God.

Weekly suggestions from 1 Timothy

  • 1 Timothy 2.1-7

    1. In the sermon text for September 24, we're urged to pray for all people, including our governmental leaders. A group of Christians from many different churches in Nanaimo hosts quarterly Prayer & Praise Gatherings to give us the opportunity to live out this aspect of the church's call. Join these gatherings, and connect on the group's Facebook page.
    2. As you pray about a "peaceable life" for Nanaimo, pray regularly this week with thanksgiving as well as request for those in office: Mayor Bill McKay; Councillors Sheryl Armstrong, Bill Bestwick, Diane Brennan, Gord Fuller, Jerry Hong, Jim Kipp, Ian Thorpe, & Bill Yoachim.
  • 1 Timothy 5.1-16

    1. In the sermon text for October 1, we're reminded repeatedly that we are to care for one another. Paul repeats three times a reminder that families have an obligation to provide for the widows within their own family tree. Take time this week to consider whether there is someone in your immediate family that has a need that you can help meet.
    2. If there is no one in your family who has a need that you can help meet, think about the church family and how you might help.
  • 1 Timothy 1.1-11; 3.14-4.5; 6.3-5

    In the sermon texts for October 8, we hear about all of the different kinds of teaching that are distracting the community from the true faith. 1 Timothy 3.16 is an example of an early church statement of faith. This week, choose one of the three historic Christian creeds to read everyday. (The Apostles' Creed, The Nicene Creed, and The Athanasian Creed are all available on this

    site.) If they spark your interest, try to learn about how and why they came about.

  • 1 timothy 3.1-13 & 5.17-25

    In the sermon texts for October 15, Paul draws out the character virtues needed for leadership in the church and how true godliness (or sinfulness) will show in a person's life over time. The following suggestion is a modification of an exercise we do in the Apprentice Series.

    1. Reflect on Christians, particularly leaders, who have modelled a godly way of being or the gift of teaching. What specific traits encourage and teach you the way of Christ?
    2. Spend time in prayer asking the Spirit to reveal to you an area of virtue growth or faith building in your own life. How will you learn so as to submit to the Spirit's work? Who will you invite to teach you?
  • 1 Timothy 6.6-19

    Participating in the Peter Fish devotions and suggested actions are excellent ways to apply Paul's encouraging commands for Timothy and the church in Ephesus. Reading the devotions and prayers is an act of pursuing "righteousness, godliness, faith, and love." The suggested actions give you small ways to practice generosity by sharing your resources, and a chance to be "rich in good works!"