There's something for everyone

The Bible describes the church as "the body of Christ" and repeats over and over how much we need one another. In other words, everyone matters and everyone is called. Guided by our values, we practice ministry in teams so that we can honour Christ and his design for the church and do more together than we could ever do on our own. Here's a snapshot of what some of our ministry teams are doing. If any catch your eye, contact the church office to be put in touch with other team members.

Now there are VARIETIES of gifts, but the same spirit; and there are VARIETIES of services, but the same lord; and there are varieties of ACTIVITIES, but it is the same god who ACTIVATES all of them n everyone. To each is give the manifestation for the spirit for the common good.

~1 Corinthians 12:4-7

Ministry Teams

  • Fellowship


    Purpose: To draw the body of Christ at CCC into relationship with one another through diverse fellowship activities.

    Goals: To promote and nurture a strong sense of community; to provide opportunities for our friends outside of CCC to connect with CCC folk; to help facilitate awareness of informal gatherings amongst our church family where CCC folk may be able to include others. 

  • Justice & Mercy


    Purpose: To educate and engage the CCC family as it lives out the biblical call to justice and mercy, thereby weaving a culture of justice and mercy into the fabric of CCC. We will do this by the following methods: Create awareness of the call to justice and mercy; educate the church community regarding the specific needs that the team is supporting; integrate justice and mercy events into the life and witness of CCC; facilitate opportunities to seek justice and show mercy, engaging every generation.

  • Outreach, Evangelism

    & Missions Team

    Focus: To follow Jesus' teachings and let Him work through us to build His Kingdom here and now.

    Purpose: To support, guide, and encourage the CCC community to embrace and personalize missional activities locally and worldwide.

  • Praise & Worship


    Purpose: To support and strengthen Spirit-led, biblically grounded, Reformed worship at Christ Community Church, gleaning from a great diversity of styles and gifts.

    Goals: Work with others to create experiences that facilitate and encourage our congregation to connect and strengthen their relationship with God; create experiences that facilitate and encourage our congregation as a community of human beings made in the image of God; encourage creativity, discernment, spiritual vitality, and the faith formation of worshipers of all ages and abilities. 

  • Spiritual Growth & 

    Discipleship Team

    Purpose: To encourage and foster intergenerational spiritual growth and discipleship at Christ Community Church. 

    Goals: Increase involvement in worship services by people of all ages; increase interaction among members of all ages; be a vibrant, spirit-filled community through which God reaches and shapes every generation; be a community of welcome and encouragement for people of all ages.

  • Administrative


    Purpose: To support the administrative tasks of the Church Administrator, church, and its ministries.

    Goals: Provide basic support for Sunday worship folder and church communications; think creatively about ways to support ministries so as to expand their effectiveness; identify administrative tools for the church to use in its life and ministry.

  • Building


    Purpose: To oversee the care of the building and grounds of Christ Community Church. 

    Goals: Maintain the church building and grounds in a state where it is safe, secure and welcoming; identify, assess, prioritize, and plan for replacements and upgrades in a proactive and financially responsible manner. 

  • finance team

    Purpose: Manage the church's finances.

    Goals: Maintain accurate financial statements and forecasts so the church can achieve its purpose with maximum effectiveness. 

  • Human Resources


    Purpose: To oversee and administer the personnel policies of CCC.

    Goals: Support the well-being of CCC staff members; ensure staff working conditions and salaries are in accordance with public and private sector individuals working in similar fields.