opportunities to serve

Learn about current opportunities to serve the church or the community.

snow shoveling

Looking for people who would be able to come to the church whenever we have a snowfall of 2 inches or more to shovel any or all of the following:

~the steps from the parking lot

~wheelchair ramp up to entry doors

~wheelchair ramp on the gas station side to downstairs


Bring your shovel (or borrow one from church) and do any of the above areas.

If you would like to be on the crew, contact Murray.

volunteers to be recorded reading scripture

The Spiritual Growth and Discipleship Team is working on another church-wide Bible reading project. Would you be willing to occasionally be recorded reading Bible passages? If you are willing to volunteer or have any questions contact Dick Duifhuis, Karin Mattern, or Arlene Sevenhuysen. 

Community spring concert

Sandy Smith is seeking volunteers to help with a community concert on March 20 here at Christ Community Church. She is seeking volunteers to help with: poster distribution around town, ticket sales, ushering, setup and cleanup, and refreshments and snacks. If you are willing to help contact Sandy.