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Partnered in prayer

The Spiritual Growth and

Discipleship Team invites you

to join them in being “Partnered

in Prayer”. As we build relation-

ships and support the faith

development of people of all

ages, Scripture encourages us

to pray with and for one another. Along with your general

prayers for our community,

would you be willing to be

paired with one of our

children and youth? You will

receive information about each

other, be introduced to one

another, and given communication tools to help you stay in contact with one another (about once a month). You do not need to pray in person with each other, unless you want to! Simply setting aside time regularly to pray by name for a member of our church who is growing in faith is a blessing. If you are interested, contact Karin Mattern at


volunteers to be recorded reading scripture

The Spiritual Growth and Discipleship Team is working on another church-wide Bible reading project. Would you be willing to occasionally be recorded reading Bible passages? If you are willing to volunteer or have any questions contact Dick Duifhuis, Karin Mattern, or Arlene Sevenhuysen.