Ministry Profile -  Administrative assistant and financial data entry clerk.

Terms: Part-time (15-20 hours per week in office)

Hours of Work in the Office: Monday, Wednesday, Friday- Yet to be determined

Reports to: Elder board

Wage: $25-28/hour

Please email your resume to

Required Skills and Abilities

Administrative assistant and Financial Data entry clerk for Christ Community Church

Provides administrative support to ensure efficient  administrative and  Financial data entries for efficient office operations as noted under responsibilities and Duties as noted below.  Schedules appointments, signs for incoming packages and assists Church council and visitors.

Reports To

The Church board of Elders and Church Pastor. 

  • Job Overview- The job position as noted below covers a range of different tasks associated with the position. 
  • The candidate must have good multi task and customer service skill sets and be a team player. 
  • We currently are transferring most tasks into cloud based technology for multiple functions to streamline and safeguard the Church data. 
  • Experience in these areas would be an asset.  Hours will be part time from 15 to 20 hours per week. Hourly rate will be determined by experience. 

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Responsible for planning and organizing a list of  daily tasks and priorities for each day and week that must be done in a timely manner. 

  • Must be able to  input financial data entries in a timely manner into Church web based  accounting forms.  Examples- All outgoing payment (Debits)  and incoming payments (Credits) into the current financial database. 

  • Responsible for filling in lease and building use agreements between various non-profit and for profit organizations and ensuring payments of those agreements are done in a timely fashion.

  • Responsible for handling telephone and email communications from church members and outside agencies.. 

  • Responsible for organizing our volunteer base within the Church using a cloud based organizational tool like Planning center or Breeze.

  • Responsible for keeping all filing systems both physical and electronically up to  date. 

  • Will be responsible for following up on all year end reporting for financial statements for the Church as well as all forms that need to be done for the government.

  • Will be responsible for Payroll, including government remittances, provincial sick pay, stat holiday pay and vacation pay. 

  • Be able to reconcile all bank accounts and credit card statements. 

  • Will be responsible for signing for and ensuring any incoming packages or mail will be directed to the right person.

  • Will be responsible for ordering and paying for using ( Church Credit card)  all Church office supplies. 

  • Will work closely with the Church council and Pastor on any additional tasks requested. 

  • Will be responsible for keeping Church Web pages and all social media platforms up to date. 


  • Be self motivated and a self starter to get important tasks done without a lot of supervision. 

  • Experience with various cloud based accounting practices are an asset..

  • Must have excellent written skills, verbal skills and typing skills..

  • Being familiar with working in and with  Google Docs and Google work space will be an asset.. 

  • Have professional communication skills with various layers of the Church organization including volunteers as well as visitors.

  • Secondary education and experience in administration, financial accounting and bookkeeping  will be a major asset. 

  • A background of Church or non-profit accounting practices will also be a major asset. 

  • Must be a team player building unity within the Church community.

  • Must understand and be part of the Church Mission to be Kingdom builders.

To apply, please submit resume and cover letter to

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