Kids for Christ, with the support of the Justice and Mercy Team put on a benefit concert in early June for reforestation and sustainable agriculture projects in Malawi through World Renew. World Renew's "Church in Community" project is helping train farmers about the uses of compost,  and the importance of reforestation in order to provide freedom from drought, hunger, and poverty.

To donate directly to this project on World Renew's site, use this link: Trees that Free Benefit Concert.

Here is more information about the needs in Malawi from World Renew representatives:

One of the common problems that the churches are identifying and wanting to work on is deforestation.  Even though people know that trees are important, they are still being cut down at an alarming rate and this is causing an enormous problem throughout the country. 

  • This program is important because communities are so dependent on wood to cook and to burn bricks to build houses.  
  • Funds are needed to help community members understand and plan how they can plant more trees and bamboo in their village. This will help with wood needs, income generation and environmental protection. 
  • These trees will also provide a wind break for the villages, help prevent erosion and large landslides, help rehabilitate soil, and help with diminishing water table. 
  • Funds donated will provide training and plant materials to communities in need. We don’t want to just give the communities tree seedlings to plant, we also want to help them learn to go into the forest to collect seeds and start growing seedlings of their own.