January prayer calendar

In this season when we are unable to meet physically, we remember that we are still united in Christ. One of the ways we can be unified is in our prayers. We invite you to join us in lifting up these daily prayers.

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning ; great is your faithfulness. 

~Lamentations 3:22-23












1 Happy New Year!

Thank God for His presence and guidance as we enter a new year.



Pray for those who lost a family member in 2020.



Pray and ask God to lead us through the discernment process.



Ask the Holy Spirit to give us the eyes to see, ears to hear and feet to go where God leads.



Pray that vaccine distribution goes smoothly and protects those who receive it.


Pray for families who are separated during the pandemic.


Pray for the work of those who support and help people experiencing homelessness.



Let’s thank God for new mornings, new days, and new beginnings.



Ask God to help us love others as we have been loved by Him.


Pray for the RM Society offering. RM Society: supports grieving youth through Rainbows.


Pray that He will help us forget the past and embrace the new season with Him by our side.



Pray for Leslie Arends as she travels back to the Esther School in Zambia.



Through this season of uncertainty, pray for God’s strength.



Pray that our church brings light and life in Nanaimo.



Ask God to help us trust in Him and live for Him.



Pray for wisdom on how our church could bring light to our city.



Pray for our missionaries locally and globally.


When we are fearful of change or trying something new, praise God and trust Him to bring us through.



Pray for those who live and work in long-term care homes.



Pray for our healthcare workers.


Christ is our only hope of new life. We cannot do it alone.  Ask Him for help.



Pray for all who have health issues.



Thank God for the many ways we can connect with each other.


Pray for patience when things go against us and for thankfulness when things go well.



Pray for those who work in difficult winter weather.



Pray for those who are unable to work because of COVID.


Pray for children and their families who participate in the Rainbows program because of a loss.



Pray and ask God to extend His grace to more and more people.



Ask God for clarity on how we can glorify Him in this next season of ministry.



Pray that we are motivated to act by what God leads us to do.


Pray for conflict resolution.







January is a month of new beginnings. It is a new year, a time to look forward. This month, each day find out a little about a Biblical leader who was led forward by their faith in God.

  • January 1  Joshua stood against the majority when he refused to be intimidated by the giants in the land of Canaan. His faith made him the leader who took Israel into the promised land.

2     Abraham followed God when he was asked to leave his family and go to an unknown country.  He continued to follow God even when asked to sacrifice his beloved son.  Abraham’s faith led his descendants in faith to become as many as the stars in the sky.

3     Noah was told by God to build an ark on dry ground.  Although mocked by those around him, he followed God’s leading, saving his family from a flood.

4     Rahab was a prostitute, despised by the people of Jericho.  Yet, she followed the will of God by allowing the Israelite spies to hide on her roof, and then becoming part of the nation of Israel and an ancestor of Jesus.

5     Esther was led by God to become queen in a land foreign to her.  Her position enabled her to save her people from those trying to wipe them out.

6     Deborah was a judge, very unusual because she was also a woman.  She was a faithful follower of God, who led Israel to defeat Sisera, also by the hand of a woman.

7     Elizabeth and her husband, Zechariah, were blessed with a pregnancy late in life.  Her son, John, became the forerunner preaching the coming of Christ.

8     Mary had a visit from an angel telling her she would give birth to the Messiah.  Even though she was not married, she trusted that God was in charge and His word would be fulfilled.

9     Jochebed, a Hebrew slave, gave birth to Moses.  She put him in a basket and trusted God to protect him.  He grew up to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.

10   Joseph (Old Testament) trusted that God would take care of him when he was enslaved in Egypt.  His reliance on God led him to becoming responsible for saving an entire nation from a famine.

11   Job was a righteous man who had been blessed by God both with a family and material wealth.  When he lost everything, he did not blame God but instead looked for comfort and strength in the Lord.

12   Daniel was selected to become someone special in a foreign land.  His refusal to bow before pagan gods led to him becoming a counselor to powerful Nebuchadnezzar.

13   Paul was a Jewish leader who led the persecution of Christians.  His powerful conversion on the road to Damascus completely changed him to a leader of Christians.

14   Timothy was raised in a Christian home by the example of his mother and grandmother.  As an adult, he became a leader in the Christian community and a trusted companion of the apostle Paul.

15   Josiah became king of Judah as a child.  He was raised by a priest who taught him to follow God.  He became one of the mostly Godly kings of Judah.

16   Lydia is known for her selling of the colour purple and her positive response to the gospel that Paul preached to her and other merchants.

17   Stephen was a deacon in the early church.  When the Jewish leaders arrested him for his faith, he refused to deny that he was a Christian and died for his faith.

18   Philip fled Jerusalem after the persecution of Christians began.  God used him to lead an Ethiopian man to faith which spread the gospel throughout another part of the world.

19   Joseph (father of Jesus) was stunned to find out that his fiancee was pregnant.  Instead of condemning her, he listened to the words of the angel God sent and took her as his wife.

20   Jairus was a leader in Jewish society.  The sudden illness and death of his beloved daughter led him to find Jesus and beg for him to intervene and save his daughter.  Jairus recognized that Christ was indeed the Son of God.

21   Lazarus, along with his sisters, was an early follower of Christ.  Several times we read that he and his sisters provided a place of rest.  When he became ill and died, Jesus raised him from the dead.  His faith led others to Christ.

22   Gideon found out something new when God sends him into war with 300 men. It was not the amount of men but the power of God behind the men that counted.

23   Ruth learned that God is faithful. He connected her with Boaz, became his wife and started a new life among the people of Israel.

24   Matthew the tax collector found out that even the worst sinners can start a new life by becoming a follower of Jesus Christ.

25   Samuel learns from God that he will become a new prophet from outside Eli’s family which breaks from tradition.

26   Nicodemus the Pharisee learned a new way of thinking and acting from Jesus that was contrary to what he was taught all his life.

27   Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy powerful man who sat among the rulers of his day.  Yet, he was led to offer a grave for someone condemned by Pilate and crucified by the Roman soldiers.

28   David went from being a shepherd boy to a great warrior to an outlaw to being the anointed king of God.  Although he was not perfect, his faith led him to establishing a great united kingdom.

29   Elijah was a prophet of God at a very evil time in the history of Israel.  Many times he was threatened with death and hunted by King Ahab.  At times, he was ready to give up.  But each time God led him to continue to lead the fight against wickedness.

30   Jonathan was the son of a king.  When he befriended David, he knew that his father hated David and that his friend would become king instead of him.  Yet, he still did what was right.

31   Abigail was married to a powerful man who refused to help those in need.  Although she knew what the consequences could be, Abigail followed God by feeding David and his men.