What can I expect at a Sunday service?

  • Sunday morning service starts at 10 A.M. 
  • The dress code is what ever you are comfortable with. 
  • The song selection and delivery method changes from week to week depending on the music leader. 
  • Currently we do not have a full time Pastor so you will see a variety of accredited Pastors and speakers bringing you the Word.
  • As we "Renew" our Church vision we will be searching for the right Pastor.  
  • Come join us as we continue to Focus our worship on Jesus Christ and  building His Kingdom here and now.

What is the CCC Belief?

  • Christ Community Church is part of the Christian Reformed Churches of North America.
  • We believe in the Holy Trinity. God the Father, Jesus Christ the son and the Holy spirit. 
  • We believe that Salvation is by Grace alone! 
  • Through Faith alone!
  • In Christ alone!
  • According to the Scriptures alone!
  • To the Glory of God alone!

What style of worship can I expect?

  • The style of worship can change weekly based on the Worship leader and Pastor.
  • The Focus of our worship will always be Jesus Christ centered.

Do you have a children's program?

  • We are currently in a rebuilding stage with our Children's ministry. 
  • We welcome all families and look forward to growth of all age groups on children and youth.
  • If you want to be part of the rebuilding program please contact our Church office and they will direct you to the right person to talk to. 

Do you have small groups/bible study?

  • We currently have small group studies.
  • We have a men's discipleship group that meets Monday mornings at 10. This runs every 2nd week.
  • We Have 1 Ladies discipleship group that meets Wed. mornings at 10 at the Church.

How can I get involved/connected in the church community? 

  • We have many opportunities where you can get involved.
  • We need musicians and singers for our worship team.
  • We need tech type people that can run soundboards and pro-presenter software.
  • We are looking for leaders to start a Children's ministry or a youth program on Sunday mornings or during the week.
  • We would like to start a GEMS program for Girls. 
  • Continue to check this web site for more details in the future.